Webquest Activity

The following a group-created Webquest activity. We ask 6th grade science students to create an animated replication of either a plant or animal cell.


Author: Cindy Fowles

I am currently a middle school math teacher who is going back to school to further my own education.

6 thoughts on “Webquest Activity”

  1. Hey good job!

    to begin with i really liked the evaluation. The colors made that look great.
    Even though the students are sixth graders i still they this webquest should have some more color and dimension to it. just a little dull is all.
    I really like the tasks. Very clear and illustrate the similarity between standards!
    Aesthetics: 2
    Navigation: 4
    Mechanical: 2
    Cognitive Introduction: 2
    Motivational Introduction: 2
    Connection of tasks to standards: 4
    Cognitive level of tasks: 4
    Clarity of process: 4
    Scaffolding: 3
    Richness: 2
    Relevance and quality of sources: 4
    Evaluation: 4


    1. Thank you for your feedback. I agree the Webquest’s overall presentation is a bit dull and would benefit from a few more colors or pictures.

      I do think Webquests are a create introductory research platform that could be introduced in middle school grades. This allows for guided research that teaches students to find reliable sources for future research projects in high school or college, where processes and resources are not given, only the task.

      How do you plan to implement Webquests into your future classroom? And if you don’t intend to, what is another guided research platform that you will give your students?


  2. What I have learned, thus far, is that webquest assignments are really great for when the sciences are involved; as webquest and science seem to truly shine and complement each other.

    Your webquest is really clear and to the point, this would allow for clear instructions to reach your students and as a result it should benefit the teacher and the students in the end.
    A negative or an area of improvement could be the introduction as it is needed to motivate the students, but in all honesty I believe your webquest is great and this is simply nitpicking to fulfill the required sandwich.
    The graphics and the general layout also allow for a more vivid assignment as well as the coloring of the grading rubric is outstanding as they illustrate red equates to a bad score and green to a better score, which is a small thing but it truly emphasizes the point.

    Having done a cell project in the 7th grade do you think current students would choose creating an online cell presentation versus that of a physical copy?


    1. Hi Roberto,

      Thank you for the feedback. I think students would enjoy a technology-based group project because of the collaboration component. Students can collaborate online rather than meet up on the weekends which is more of a scheduling conflict for parents.

      Did you ever create a cell project in middle school? Back then, would you choose a physical project or a technology-based one? And then if you were assigned this project now, would you choose a physical project or a technology-based one?


      1. I would have picked the technology based one, but I think that a physical project was more fun as in one can interact with others and improve our social skills. Yet the wave of the future is tech based so if I don’t keep up with these programs I will probably be called a dinosaur by the time a begin teaching. A quick question do you think computer based projects like our own would create students that would have a harder time cooperating with other people once they become adults and begin to work in their jobs?


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